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Renault 5 Boot Mat Car Mats

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Renault 5 Boot Mat Car Mats

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What’s the difference between the three mats?

Budget - Our standard car mats do what they say on the tin. At an affordable price with no extra flair or finesse, these car mats are made to fit your [make and model] and protect from mud and dirt as you go about your daily journeys.

Rubber- With a naturally wipe clean surface, our rubber car mats are better suited if you always find yourself out and about. With the ability to be easily shook or wiped clean, muddy wellies or dusty work boots are no match for our rubber mats.

Premium- If you have a premium car then you need a premium car mat. With a deeper pile to the carpet, these durable car mats are made to last. Along with a high quality feel, these mats make sure your car looks the part wherever you’re heading.